Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comiendo en Río Piedras (Eating in Plaza del Mercado de Río Piedras)

Esta tardes, estuve en Río Piedras con una de mis estudiantes de Maryland quien estaba nació en Puerto Rico. Fuimos a almuerzo en la cafeteria en la Plaza del Mercado. La comida fue delicioso. Comí pollo, arroz, aguacate, y un refresco (una bebida) llamó "Coco Rico." ¡Estoy lleno!

I read and write better than I speak at this point. I can hold a conversation with someone who is fairly patient. Above, I wrote the following:

"This afternoon, I was in Río Piedras was a one of my students from Maryland who was born in Puerto Rico. We went to lunch in the cafeteria in the Plaza del Mercado. The food was delicious. I ate chicken, rice, avacado, and a soda (a drink) called 'Coco Rico.' I am full! "
Coco Rico is a coconut flavored soda. Think of it as 7-up, but coconut replaces the lemon-lime flavor. It was a good experience!


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